About Me

Updated: January 2010

My first name is Hanna – born September 13th, 1977, I’ll let you do the math! I’ve blogged since 2000 in one place or another.  I started with blogger, then moved to pMachine, then to DNN, and now am happy at home with WordPress!

I use the online name MishMish b/c that is what my father has called me all my life. MishMish is the Egyptian word for Apricot – yes, I’m Egyptian, so I guess I’ll get into that part of me now…

I am half Egyptian and a native of Texas. I grew up and graduated from HS in a one horse town in East Texas. After HS I moved to Waco, Texas where I completed my freshman year of college at Baylor University. Upon completing those first two semesters I realized that Waco wasn’t the place for me and I moved back to East Texas to Nacogdoches where I finished my college education at Stephen F. Austin State University. After three years in Nac I graduated from college with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a minor in Art. (Yeah, quite a difference, huh?)

While I was in college my parents moved from our little hometown to the big city of Houston, so after graduation that’s where I set up house. After working several years and getting married (I’ll get to that) I decided it was time to go back to school, so in May of 2005 I started working on my MBA. I graduated in May of 2008!

So, back to the hubby part! In January 2003 I met a man that I totally didn’t think was right for me…but he was pretty sweet and after a while I realized as opposite as we were that he was the man I was going to marry. We were married October 2nd, 2004 (btw, that’s my Grannie’s wedding anniversary & her parents’ wedding anniversary!) You can read up no our wedding here. Upon returning from our honeymoon we immediately set out looking for a house and ended up building. We closed December 29th of 2004 – just in time to ring in the New Year amid piles of boxes!

About a year and a half later of adjusting to married life (whoa nelly) Michael (that’s my husband) and I decided we were ready to have a baby and on December 3rd, 2006 our beautiful baby girl Emma was born! It’s so hard to believe we ever made it without her! The February we are expecting a son to join our family – I only have 6 more weeks to go!

Outside of family my interests are pretty eclectic. I played basketball since I was in the 4th grade so I have always had an interest in sports. I also loved art/drawing while I was growing up, which prompted me to study art in college. That is where I found a passion for photography as well and I also love to travel!

Since starting my professional life I have been employed in the oil & gas industry here in Houston – pretty hard to escape it living here honestly! I’ve worked as an offshore accountant just about all my career up until November 2007 when I transitioned to a Financial Analyst – still in the same company, tough. It has to be one of the most interesting jobs in the world! It’s amazing what these guys can do and on such a tremendous scale! Anyway…I just get to add up all the numbers, but it’s fun to visit offshore and get to see this work being done!

So…that’s me in a nutshell. You can view my pictures and such through the links on my sidebar. If you’re dying to know more facts about me, here are 100 more!!


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