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Playing in the Backyard

It was pretty nice outside yesterday evening…after we cleaned up from dinner we all went in the backyard to play some & so Michael could water the garden & all his plants. Emma likes to help him get the tomatoes from the garden, too – okay really she likes to eat the tomatoes from the garden!! And yesterday Michael was showing her his cucumbers and she exclaimed, “Look – PICKLES!!” Ha Ha Ha!! She & Aaron had a good time swinging, too & at one point Emma hoisted herself up into Aaron’s baby swing – I swear the girl can climb anything!! Enjoy the pics!


Drug Allergy

When I was about four years old I had an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin – I remember it, though vaguely & with a little help from mother – I had a severe rash, that was actually more like bruises all over & my joints didn’t work. It was like they froze up or maybe they just hurt so I didn’t walk – in either case, it wasn’t pleasant.

Emma has taken Augemtin before for an ear infection and I don’t remember her having a reaction. Last Thursday I took her to the doctor & she was given a prescription for it again (another ear infection). So, she’s been taking it ever since without any problems, but this morning when I woke her up I found that she had a rash all over her. It isn’t really raised – no bumps – more like red blotches all over her skin from her face, behind her ears, down her neck, chest and back and onto her legs. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all and isn’t complaining of anything hurting. I immediately took pics of it and sent them to my parents and sure enough, mother said it looked similar to what happened to me when I was four. I called the doctor and he says most likely it is a reaction to the medicine – to quit giving it to her and give her some Benadryl, so that’s what I did. She is with the baby sitter now and apparently feeling fine. The rash was still there about 8:30, but I guess it’ll take a little time for the Benadryl to make it go away.

So…now when the doctors ask if she is allergic to anything I think we can safely say Penicillin, just like her mommy. It was pretty scary to see this morning, though – she was laying on her stomach so I didn’t see it at first, then when I turned her over to wake her and saw this red from head to toe it really made me catch my breath. I am just so thankful the reaction was only a skin reaction and not something respiratory that could have been very serious! Allergies like that really scare me.

Regular Life is Back, Only More Hectic

Well, today was my first day back in the office. It was easier than I thought it would be, but by the end of the day I was nearly climbing out the window, though b/c I was so ready to get home to my babies. Work wasn’t too bad today as we just closed the quarter so it’s a slow time – which is good b/c I can review everything that has been going on since I left now.

Aaron is growing so fast – I cannot believe he is already over two months old!!! And his big sister just loves him to death! I have to keep a watchful eye b/c she wants to hug & kiss on him all the time and I’ve caught her a couple of times trying to pick him up, too!! Oops! She does love him, though and I am so happy for that!

We had a good weekend together, too – even though Emma has been sick. She has had an ear infection in both ears – I think she is just about to get well, though…I hope. We were actually supposed to go out of town, but the weather said that there were supposed to be thunderstorms in East Texas and Emma was starting to get sick at that time so we decided it would be better to stay home. We went out to dinner & out for ice cream (b/c that’s what you do when you’re sick, right)…it turned out the weather wasn’t bad as predicted but since Emma wasn’t feeling good I was glad we didn’t go around Grannie & get her sick, too. Sunday she started feeling better so we went to a church bazaar in the afternoon – it was a lot of fun and Emma had a great time!

She road a ponyShe petted the animals

She had a Hello Kitty painted on her hand

and she made two painted frisbees – one for her and one for Aaron

She had a great time, while Aaron slept the entire time! Ha ha! He tends to do that, though. I think she is on the end of this sickness now & hopefully before Thursday will be back running at full speed again – Lord help us! Even sick she keeps me running. And it won’t be long until Aaron is the same way – he is so strong already. When he is inclined you can watch him try his hardest to pull his head forward like he is trying to sit up or something! Slow down baby!!! I’m not ready for you to be running all over the place just yet!!

Do I really have to go back to work!?!?

Well, this is my last week at home with my babies. On Monday I’ll be going back to work again. It is going to be busier this time I think than when I had to leave my first-born, but it still won’t be fun.

It’s amazing how big Aaron is now – he is two months old now, but he is already over 16 pounds. At his two month check up he weighed 16lbs 6oz. Only 3.5lbs until he will be too big for his carrier. That being the case we went ahead and bought a booster seat for Emma b/c once Aaron hits 20lbs he’ll inherit her car seat. She loves her new booster seat – it’s a high-backed booster seat (the back will come off when she is big enough) and it’s HOT PINK! That’s the part she loves! LOL!

I’m already starting to see a difference in Aaron’s personality compared to his sister – he likes to be outside just as much as she does, but he also likes to ride in the car and snuggle with mommy a lot more than her. When Emma was his age she wasn’t a fan of being strapped into her carrier. I would pick her up from the babysitter and all I could do was turn up the radio for the ten minute ride home b/c she would cry the whole way and there was nothing I could do to soothe her. When Aaron is upset he can be in the car about five minutes and then he gets quiet & often times just soothes off to sleep. We’ve been taking walks in the evenings and he is that way with his stroller, too. He may fuss for a little bit, but mostly he just enjoys being on the move!

He also loves to be snuggled up next to me – Emma did some when she was his age, but not so much and today she snuggles very little. I guess that’s a difference between the girls and boys. Girls seem to become more independent faster than most boys – she mostly just snuggles when she is really tired or not feeling well now. He does sleep well like Emma, though. I have always been able to lay Emma down in her bed awake, even at his age and she would fall asleep easily. I never had to rock her to sleep, though sometimes I did b/c I wanted to!! Aaron is easy to put down most nights, too. Unless he has tummy problems, I can lay him down with his pacifier awake and he’ll usually just drift off to sleep (something I say thanks for when I pray!!).

This weekend we were supposed to go to East Texas, but the weather turned nasty and Emma has a pretty bad cough and has had a touch of diarrhea so we decided it would be best to stay home. I don’t know if it’s allergies or a cold – it’s just a cough and just today started with a runny nose, too (mostly clear). I think the cough is really just related to the drainage and that may be what’s aggravating her tummy, too. Might not be a bad idea to get her on some Claritin till it passes, too.

I need to get everything together this weekend for Monday, too. I planned to take frozen milk to the babysitter’s for Aaron this week, but kept forgetting so I’ll have to carry that Monday if we don’t drop it off this weekend. Plus get a bag ready for him with extra clothes and a package of diapers to leave and the fridge container for fresh milk, too. My plan is pump every day at work and bring that straight to Grammy’s fridge so she’ll only need the frozen for back up milk. I was only able to nurse with Emma for a little over 4 months – I really hope I’m able to skip formula all together with Aaron. That would be so great! We’ll see how well that works out!

Aaron is snoozing right now and Emma is resting on the couch (she doesn’t nap much anymore, but since she isn’t feeling great I hope she’ll take a quick nap) – so I think I might try to rest my eyes. I can never nap, but I was up quite a bit last night and had an early morning (we went out to b’fast with the neighbors) so I’m pretty sleepy.

She is going to play soccer…

Daddy may not be a fan, he may want her to play softball instead, but I think it’s inevitable that Emma is going to want to play soccer when she is old enough! Every time she gets her hands on a ball she wants to kick it and “play soccer” with whoever is around! Today it was with Teta.

Scary event…

I never thought it could happen, but Emma pulled her chest of drawers down on top of her Thursday night. It was the scariest thing ever for me. I told her to go get her pj’s so we could get ready for bed…she ran off to her room then I heard a loud crash and she started screaming. I jumped up and ran in there and she was sitting in the middle of the room with her legs stretched out in front of her, two of the drawers sitting on her legs. I rushed over and set the chest upright and pulled the two drawers off her legs – I was so scared I was going to reveal two broken legs, but she was fine. She had the tiniest cut on one of her fingers, probably from her piggy bank. It was on top of the chest and full of money, mostly change so it was very heavy – it was laying shattered right next to her – I can’t believe it didn’t hit her, but I figured that’s where the cut came from. Once I assessed that she was alright I couldn’t stop crying and holding her, then I wanted to spank her little hiney till my hand fell off b/c we’ve talked about climbing over and over and over and over again.

I’ve tested out the sturdiness of her chest of drawers and it is so solid I really thought it would be very hard for her to pull it over, but after this I know better. I’ve ordered some wall brackets to put on it now and hopefully they’ll be here soon. We will not take another chance like that – I can’t believe it didn’t put me into labor I was so scared – running around pulling furniture up like it was nothing and like I wasn’t pregnant!
Not only did the piggy bank break, though – the drawers themselves suffered some casualties. Three of the five drawers came out of the chest. The brackets that were on the chest were the kind that weren’t supposed to allow the drawers to slide out w/out clicking a little latch – child safety and all that. But the brackets didn’t hold up – I don’t know if it was the force of them falling forward or what, but we had to buy new brackets for three of the drawers and Michael replaced them – they actually slide smoother now too, to be honest.

I think – hope – it scared Emma enough, too so that she doesn’t try to do that again. She kept saying “I ask Mommy & Daddy for help next time…” meaning instead of climbing to get something from a top drawer she would ask us to get it for her. BUT then yesterday she came to me with something that was on top of her chest of drawers and when I asked how she got it she told me that she moved her chair (from her little table/chair set) over and stood on top of it. Well, that didn’t make me exactly thrilled, but it was a heck of a lot better than pulling out the drawers to stand in them. We’re working on a strict “no-climbing” policy going forward, though. I swear she is part monkey b/c she climbs on everything!! I wasn’t thinking about it until mother pointed it out, but we’re also going to have to make sure she doesn’t try to climb into the crib with her little brother when he gets here!! She is going to make me age if she keeps this up!

I am just so thankful that God was watching out for my baby and took care of her!!

Spoiled Surprise

Saturday is Michael’s b’day (he’s going to be 33! Hee hee!) and I decided something I wanted to get him was a new fishing rod. See a while back I broke a very nice, brand-new, never used fishing rod when I shut it in the car door. It’s been up in East Texas at the camp house ever since and I haven’t be allowed to forget I broke it. So…this year I decided to replace it.

I went out yesterday in the cold, without a jacket (yeah, I knew the temp was going to drop, I just didn’t grab my coat) and shopped around and got help from my brother and some other guys to find the right fishing rod for him. Bought it. Put it in the car. On the way home I pick up Emma and of course she sees it (can’t hide it in the car) and asks about it.

Me: It’s for daddy. For his birthday.

Emma: It’s a fishing pole???

Me: Yes baby, but you can’t tell daddy.

Emma: It’s a surprise???

Me: Yes baby, but please don’t tell daddy. Okay?

Emma: Okay!! It’s a surprise for daddy!!

So, we get home and I think all is good b/c she knows it’s a surprise and we hide it in the garage before going into the house. And she doesn’t mention it again!

We go in, put our stuff down, take off our her coat (b/c I forgot mine, remember?) and go find daddy. We talk for a while and I think all is fine b/c nothing is said about it, THEN…

Emma: Daddy, I got you a surprise!!!

Michael: Really? You got me a surprise??

Emma: {grinning} Yeah, mommy got you a surprise!!

(At this point I think, “Yay – she’s teasing him, but isn’t going to say anything…”)

Michael: Really? What is it??

Me: Dont’ tell Emma – remember it’s a surprise!

Emma: Yeah, it’s a surprise!! It’s a FISHING POLE!!!


No – she didn’t just give it away!?!? Yep – she surely did!!! So, out I went to get it and go ahead and give it to him. No point in trying to hide it when she plainly told him what I had for him. Is it really great that she is so alert and aware of EV.ERY.THING!?!?! So, come Saturday he won’t have a fishing rod to unwrap after all.

On an up note for the evening I made a killer meal of shrimp & chicken fajitas for us! I’m using a new recipe for Mexican rice that is amazing (I’ll share it if you like)! I love it!! I’m actually finishing off the leftovers for lunch right now! Mmmmm…