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Finally getting started…


February Desktop Calendar

It’s February – it’s a new month – time for a new desktop calendar, too (sorry I’m late)! This is the one I’m using and you’re welcome to download one for your own use (sans my baby girl’s picture, of course). Just click on the links below to download the size you need. Please leave some love via a comment if you download one!

1024 x 768

1280 x 800

If you think it looks familiar it should – it’s the set I also used for my blogger header this month.

January 2010 Desktop

I’ve decided to create my own desktops for next year using the 2010 Calendars I’ve already made…I’ve also decided that since I’ve been using templates created by others for a while that I would share these desktops.

I know it’s a while before you’ll need a January Desktop, but I thought I would go ahead and post it today. I’ll try to be sure to get them posted by the end of each month to be posted for the next month! I’ve enjoyed the desktops I’ve been using, but thought it would be a lot more fun to create my own as long as I had the time! And since I’ve already created a calendar for each month for 2010 I just have to do a little tweaking to create a desktop and the .png files to share!

So…here is my first for January 2010!

Click on the appropriate size to download your .png file (sans Emma’s picture, of course):



Oh – and leave me a comment if you download please!

3rd Birthday Scrapbook Pages

Bring on 2010

I’ve finished my 2010 Calendar!

Bring it on 2010You can see all the pages individually here.

And for anyone who likes the templates let me know – I can send you the .png files sans the pics of Emma to use with your own pictures. I think the December template is my favorite – well, I like November, too though I really like the kit that I used to create December. It’s so fun for Christmas. It’s the same kit I used to make the current banner on my blog, too.

(Oh…did you notice that my blog is snowing!! Wish it was snowing outside!)

2010 Calendars

Well, I found a great site with 2010 Calendar grids so this coming year I’m working on my own calendars and monthly desktops instead of just relying on templates made by other people. I like having the freedom to make what I want! So, I’ve started working on calendar pages for 2010 – I’ve only made it through May so far, but you can see them all here.

I am making them all 12×12 right now b/c I haven’t decided how I want to print/present them yet. Mother has already said, “These are my Christmas present, right!?!?” Well, since she has seen them it won’t be much of a surprise! Really it wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone now that they are online & everyone can see them – Grannie doesn’t have a computer, though – it would still be a surprise for her!!

I really like the grids I found b/c they are very simple and didn’t have the months labeled so for different projects I can use whatever font I want – for this calendar I’m using my most favorite-ist font – Scriptina!! That’s really everyone’s favorite, though isn’t it?? Honestly, though I cannot believe that there were so few calendar grids out there for use. It took me a long time searching to find this set. I mean, I know they aren’t hard to make (I was just being lazy and didn’t want to take the time), but all the calendars I found were already on templates mostly – already pre-designed and ready for pictures. And that’s great unless you want to create a design around your pics!

Progress Report: Emma’s Scrapbook

So, I think I am about halfway done with Emma’s first scrapbook.

I think right now I might print my pages 10×10 and put them in a 12×12 album – center them on the white album inserts – I really don’t know yet. I have 13 pages made so far from birth to her first b’day. I have a ton more pictures from that first year, but figured I didn’t need to put every single one in there! Plus, I had just about decided to make this for album for year one and year two together – I guess I could make them 8×8 pages and make a mini book for each year! As she gets older & gets more involved in things there will be even more pictures I’m sure. Then of course, when there are siblings & they’ll each need their own copy of the family books – I better set a simple precedent now on these albums!! LOL! Otherwise, I might get myself in trouble in the future! The pages in this book are kinda random to as far as design goes. I’ll try to be more streamlined with the next so the pages flow better – this time I was just playing with everything I had! LOL!