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February Desktop Calendar

It’s February – it’s a new month – time for a new desktop calendar, too (sorry I’m late)! This is the one I’m using and you’re welcome to download one for your own use (sans my baby girl’s picture, of course). Just click on the links below to download the size you need. Please leave some love via a comment if you download one!

1024 x 768

1280 x 800

If you think it looks familiar it should – it’s the set I also used for my blogger header this month.


Bring on 2010

I’ve finished my 2010 Calendar!

Bring it on 2010You can see all the pages individually here.

And for anyone who likes the templates let me know – I can send you the .png files sans the pics of Emma to use with your own pictures. I think the December template is my favorite – well, I like November, too though I really like the kit that I used to create December. It’s so fun for Christmas. It’s the same kit I used to make the current banner on my blog, too.

(Oh…did you notice that my blog is snowing!! Wish it was snowing outside!)

August CD Calendar Page

Well, I’m not really putting these in the jewel case anymore…a

nd maybe b/c I haven’t made one since February…but I made a calendar page for August with my sweet girl’s picture! Instead of putting them in the jewel case (b/c I am trying to reduce the number of items on top of my desk) I am putting them on my

message board. One wall of my hutch part of my desk has a place to use push pins or clips and now I just add one each month to that. I am such a calendar whore anyway – it’s not like I really look at it for the date anyway b/c I have about a dozen other calendars that I use. I know, it’s an obsession – calendars and storage tools! Such a freak!